Amendments Schamendments

I just finished voting.  What a pain in the neck.  Even without the four amendments that were withdrawn from the Colorado ballot, our ballot was still most of three pages long.  Here’s hoping Referendum O, which is supposed to make it more difficult for citizens to amend the constitution, passes.  My mother, who was intimidated by the length of the ballot, wasn’t going to vote, but I’m fairly certain she did anyway.  A lot of us vote early in Colorado, either by paper ballot or at early voting locations.  This year I signed up for a permanent paper ballot for all future elections.  Voting by mail should be easier for agoraphobics like me except when it comes to mailing the ballot.  It requires extra postage, so I’m dropping mine off on Monday at the County Clerk’s office.  That means I’ll have to get out of my vehicle, enter the County Clerk’s office, and talk to them, which I find depressing.  Oh, well.  It’s better than waiting in line to vote.


~ by judeincolorado on November 1, 2008.

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