Doing what you’re supposed to

People seem to lack understanding about public education unless they’re in it. 

A few years ago, Oprah, one of my least favorite human beings, had a show about Chicago schools where a school in a wealthy neighborhood was beautiful while a school in a lower-class neighborhood was pathetic.  She also showed scenes of Los Angeles public schools, which were falling apart.  I thought, well, she doesn’t get it at all.  Chicago obviously doesn’t attempt any sort of property tax equalization between rich and poor districts.  We’ve had that in Colorado for decades, and although it doesn’t work perfectly, it’s partly successful.  Los Angeles had exemplary schools until the taxpayers led the revolt against taxation which kept funding levels low. 

If you want good schools, you have to pay for them.

If you want good students, I have no idea what to tell you.  Probably 40% of the high school students at my school are failing at least one class.  We offer tutoring, advisories, after-school homework help, and online homework help, and few students take advantage of it.  Around here, they figure they can drop out and work in the oil fields. 

My own son says “I don’t need two years of math because I’m not going to college.”

Motivation is non-existent; self-discipline is rare.  I think they expect to have stuff handed to them.  “I can write, therefore I will be a success at writing.”  Yeah, right.


~ by judeincolorado on November 4, 2008.

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