The son of a single parent is our new president

I mentioned that to my kids last night, although I’m not certain they appreciated it as much as I did. 

That’s because they haven’t been tortured, both inadvertently and intentionally, by mostly devout Christians who view me as the anti-Christ because I am a single parent.  There was the ideologue who condemned me on a listserv for failing to stay married.  When I explained that I agreed with him–that my divorces were both failures, but that I had to leave my abusers for my children’s sake–he changed his tune.  His false praise felt as phony as his earlier condemnation of me, made without knowing my circumstances.

Single parents of the world unite–one of our sons has become president of the United States.  So there.


~ by judeincolorado on November 5, 2008.

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