Creating a better tomorrow

Today I took my mother for a colonoscopy at the hospital, and my previous experiences in hospitals, even though they’re decades old, flooded back.  It made me feel that suicide is an excellent option.  I’ll never have to have a colonoscopy (nor a mammogram nor any other required medical procedure).  3.5 years and counting.

Tonight, three boys are visiting my sons.  I’m hopeful that they’ll figure out a different house to camp out in, but you never know.  

Since I was at the hospital, which adjoins the medical clinic, I made an appointment Friday morning to find out more about my eye, the one that’s giving me private laser light shows.  Maybe I’ll show up at the appointment.  Four more days and I’ll be back with people–that will be healthier.

The irony of the title of this post is that there’s no way I could ever have a better tomorrow.  I just have to stick it out and suicidally ideate my way through life.  So happy new year to my non-existent readers and friends.


~ by judeincolorado on January 1, 2009.

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