“Zen” Habits

I read the blog Zen Habits frequently, even though it isn’t zen-like.   A recent article talked about moving beyond the limits that hold us back from our goals.

We’re supposed to:

Write down all those really important things you want to do, but have been avoiding.  

Write down all the reasons/excuses you’re not taking action toward making those desires a reality.

The one really important thing I want to do is to be dead.  I assume the author didn’t mean for his advice to be applied to the ultimate negative goal.  But I glanced at the article and thought, “Why wait 3 years?  Why not die now?”  

Why should I pick an arbitrary date after the kids graduate from high school?  Why wait?  

I suppose it’s because I made a promise to myself, one that they don’t know about.  It”s tempting to die because I really want to be gone, but I still take it a day at a time.

I need to stick around for only more 1,239 days, give or take a few.   I’ve always been good at endurance.  I can last that long.


~ by judeincolorado on March 19, 2009.

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