Psycho week at work

For the four years I’ve had this job, I’ve never had a regular lunch break.  When you’re an introvert in a service position, you need a break so you can replenish your energy and take care of people again.  I reached the limit this week when a teacher dumped her class on me without warning (after the testing dude dumped his test on me without guidance).  I lost my temper.  I know now (5 days later) why it really happened.   When I said, “I don’t understand why Justin likes me” my daughter replied, “I don’t get it either.”  I wrote to him trying to explain what he means to me and why I can’t have friends and how it needs to end, and he basically replied that no, it wouldn’t end.  So most of the week, I wanted to kill myself now instead of waiting.  Since I can’t avoid Justin for the next week (we’re in this production together), I’ve decided to try to be more assertive on the idea of needing a regular lunch break, which after all I’m pretty sure I’m entitled to by law, so I’m writing a letter making a formal request for a half-hour lunch break daily next year.  It would so help me if I could just have a daily break.


~ by judeincolorado on May 3, 2009.

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